MapQuest Logo Download and Usage

Use of Logo Standards:

The MapQuest logo files must be used as supplied and should not be manipulated or altered. To be sure you’re using the MapQuest logo correctly, download MapQuest's Logo and Brand Guidelines.

Clear Space & Backgrounds

The Logo should always be surrounded by a generous area of clear space (at least equal to the width and height of the "a" in the "mapquest" logotype). This protects it from competing visuals such as text and graphics. Do not place the Logo on busy or textured backgrounds in a manner that will distract from, compete with, or obscure it in any way.

MapQuest vs Mapquest?

When referring to the company, websites, or products in text, MapQuest should always be written as one word with uppercase M and Q in any copy. While the logotype (wordmark) is lower case, the company name should never appear in text as "mapquest." "Mapquest," or "MAPQUEST."

Marking Symbols

The registration (®) symbol is critical as it gives notice of our rights to the Logo. Use of this symbol indicates the Logo's protected status: consistent usage will strengthen our rights. As such, the symbol must appear with the Logo whenever possible.

MapQuest Icon

When appropriate, the "MQ" symbol is designed to stand alone as a bold icon and represent the MapQuest brand as a whole.


MapQuest Green

PMS: 376
HEX: #8CC63F
RGB: 139 / 198 / 63
CMYK: 50 / 0 / 100 / 0

MapQuest Gray

PMS: 425
HEX: #434343
RGB: 67 / 67 / 67
CMYK: 0 / 0 / 0 / 85


Primary Logo

MapQuest Primary Logo

Tall Logo (Secondary)

MapQuest Horizontal Logo

MapQuest Icon

MapQuest Icon